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Soap Box Derby

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Feel the surge of power at the start ... the G-forces on the bends ... the exhilaration of overtaking ... the edge of competition ... the power slides ...

Soap Box Derby - the Next Generation of Team Building, Corporate Entertainment Event or Stag and Hen Events.

OK, so maybe we exaggerated a little on the G-forces and power slides but hey, the Soap Box Derby is an entertaining and fun-filled event, perfectly suited for the company fun day or your stag or hen event, - how about stags vs hens?

The Soap Box Derby is also great team building.

So how does the Soap Box Derby work? Each team is allocated the budget, from which you need to purchase the parts. It is a complete project so the team must work together to make the best of it. The winning team will need creativity, lateral thinking, financial management, mechanical skills, the ability to cut coloured paper ...

After you have managed to get your soap box through its MoT, the real events can begin ... burn-off the others from a standing start, make a soap box hill start, test your skills on the slalom course against the clock and accurately park your machine in the parallel parking challenge!

But that is not all you need to do to win the Soap Box Derby - the team with the most cash at the end of the event will win. Fill your coffers by winning races and by customising your soap box e.g. personalised plates, go-faster stripes etc.

Your Soap Box Derby event includes:

Bolt Together Precision Soap Box Machines (with A Variety Of Driving/Steering Combinations)
Best Dressed Soap Box Competition
Individual Soap Box Driving Competitions (Skill And Speed Events)
Basic Tools
Easy To Follow Instruction Manuals
Fun Money
Soap Box Body Styling Kits
MOT Garage And Certificates
Parts Shop
Soap Box Mechanics And Event Manager
No grease or oil is used
Indoors or Outdoors

So contact us now to book your Soap Box Derby - email or telephone 01773 766050 (ask for Andy Bond)

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